Your son is flapping his wings about seeing the nature film you want
       to  take him to. Will he be chirping or squawking when it's over?

(Click here to see. Or hear.)

       Sometimes a movie makes you and your daughter an offer you
       can't refuse.
(Click here and take the cannoli.)

        Famous people like movie directors may live in your town, but
       does your daughter care?
(It's rhetorical, but click here anyway.)

       Get out the vote, or get out before the vote? (Click here to choose.)

       What movie carves your pumpkin on Halloween?
       (Click here and pick your poison.)

       Some dads take their kids to the zoo. Others to Zoolander.
 (Click here to read about focused parenting.)

In the movies, actors can pretend there are no sweet dreams. For
       new parents, it's no act.
(Click here and try to stay awake.)

Life is a Movie